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Politically Agnostic

We don't care what your political affiliation is or what your movement is about. You supply the money, we supply the protesters.


We connect our network of professional protesters with protest organizers using advanced analytics and artificial intelligence to determine the best match.

Secret Payment

No need to worry about 1099 or W9s. We organize and securely pay all protesters with secret Bitcoin currency.

Millions of Professional Protesters are ready to march!

Real: 120,000+ Americans are Dead

Fake: This website

Real: Trump is a failure

Protest Packages

Pick and choose from our simple protest packages. Our professional protesters are ready to protest for you!

$99 per rioter
  • 5-25 masked rioters guaranteed to cause havoc and confusion
  • Hoodies and spray paint "artists" included
    Broken store front window included in all EZ-RIOT packages in 2020!
  • Car/Dumpster fire upgrade option available (please call)
Contact us! Call for exclusive pricing!
  • 200,000 - 1,000,000+ professional protesters
  • All options from our BEST VALUE PROTEST included!
  • Celebrity appearance included!
    (One celebrity per 100,000 protesters)
  • Free National Parks tweet comparing the size of your protest to the inauguration

Don't see a package right for your protest?
Contact us and we can put together a custom protest for you!


Here are testimonials from some of our professional protesters and protest organizers that have used our services.

Feather Wilson

"Protest Jobs was great work to supplement my trust fund income. I work only 3 protests a year and make over $9,000 for shopping with my girls! Screaming at the top of my lungs never felt so good."

Laurence Spears

"I was a broke college student but now I protest professionally and bring in over $7,000 a week. I was even the President's 'Black Guy' at one event! How cool is that?!"

William Thornton III

"When I needed 3,000 protesters to show up at my America First rally Protest Jobs came through! Everyone I know has a full time job and couldn't take off work. Thank you Protest Jobs!

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